“Making Impressions on Your Customers”

Impressions is a game distribution service company that handles the sales, shipping and warehousing for over 70 game publishers to 40+ wholesalers and 2,600+ retailers worldwide.

We are the longest running fulfillment consolidator in the hobby game industry.


Latest news from Impressions

Impressions Shipping November 1st!

Impressions Shipping November 1st!l99-wh001

Look for “Witch Hunt” from Level 99 Games.  Their new social deduction game…perfected!  Also in the batch is newcomer Solar Flare Games with “Nightmare Forest: Dead Run”.  jas-mmbgbpRound all of this out with a new Boss Pack from Jasco for their Mega Man Board Game, a new expansion for Modiphius’ “Thunderbirds” game and a hidden gem from Bellwether Games called “Drop Site”.

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Impressions Shipping October 11th

plfImpressions Shipping October 11th

It’s still crazy shipping times even after Gen Con.  Now we’re rolling right into the holiday season needs.

twkTake a special look at the quick, easy and portable “Pack Wars” from Prolific Games, but make sure to get your hands on a very limited supply of “Roll Player” from Thunderworks.

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Impressions Shipping September 27th

ape2600Impressions Shipping September 27th

Look out for “The Great Dinosaur Rush” from APE Games.  Impressions had the rare opportunity to meet the designer, Scott Almes, and check out the game at a local convention…definitely a hidden gem.  And don’t miss the wacky “Jeju Island” from our Australian friends, Grail Games (they just released a remake of Reiner Knizia’ “Medici”!)

grl2730Check out all the details for these games and more here!

Impressions Shipping September 13th

dwe2000Impressions Shipping September 13th

This is probably the most products we’ve ever released in the wake of a Gen Con.  It’s still crazy!  Not only should you check out “Zimby Mojo” from Devious Weasel, but Impressions now handles the wholesale side of things for Jasco Games – jas-mmbg01makers of the UFS CCG and the already-released “Mega Man Board Game”.  Check out all the new releases and everything from Jasco you can now!  Right here!

Impressions Shipping August 30th

GRL3226Well, the vat of Gen Con releases keeps coming.  GRN002There are just too many to mention in detail…so, we’ll give you a taste with images of Grail Games new version of Reiner Knizia’s “Medici” and the game that sat on the BGG Hotness for weeks – “Council of Blackthorn” from Great Northern Games.

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